What you need to know!

You need to initiate your mining session daily, as each session expires after 24 hours.

ACI token mining rules and regulations are as follows. The regulations will be periodically updated.

ACI 0.045/h ACI 24/h 0.045 x 24
5% Boost

Here are additional details regarding ACI Token mining rules, which you might find informative.

  • ACI token mining is automated and continuous, allowing users to earn tokens around the clock, seven days a week.

  • This supplementary ecosystem for ACI Miner offers a unique advantage: if your referral team actively engages in mining, you will receive a 5% boost rate on your initial mining rewards from each active miner. Seize this opportunity to expand your team and enjoy significant referral income.

  • If you invite someone to join your team, both you and the invitee will instantly receive 2 ACI tokens upon the new member's enrollment into the inviter's team

  • To begin ACI token mining, users must have a compatible mobile device and either download the app from the Play Store or replicate our orbaic miner apps and search for them on the Play Store.

  • The ACI network employs a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm, requiring users to solve intricate mathematical problems in order to validate transactions and earn tokens.

  • The complexity of the mathematical problems automatically adapts to sustain a steady pace of ACI token mining.

  • ACI tokens are stored in a user-controlled digital wallet, allowing users to transfer their ACI tokens to others or exchanges at their discretion. This capability becomes active upon the opening of our mainnet.

  • The total supply of ACI tokens is limited, meaning that mining will eventually reach a point where no new tokens are produced. At that point, users will be able to earn ACI tokens by participating in other activities, such as staking or providing liquidity to the ACI network.

The mining rate and rules regulation mentioned above may be adjusted as needed based on our current whitepaper

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