Thank you for choosing Orbaic, a groundbreaking layer 1 blockchain project. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your information. By using the Orbaic platform and associated services, you agree to the terms outlined in this policy.

Orbaic's Information Acquisition:
  • a. Personal Information:

    Upon creating an account, we collect vital details like your name and email to personalize your experience on our platform.

    We may request additional info for identity verification, aligning with regulations. These details could be crucial, especially with future KYC verification. Your cooperation ensures a secure experience as we enhance procedures for all users.

  • b. Usage Data:

    We accumulate data regarding your interactions on our platform, covering transaction particulars, mining activities, and user preferences.

  • c. Device Information:

    We gather device details like IP address, operating system, and browser, along with location data for security and analytics. Importantly, we prioritize privacy and abstain from collecting personal information.

How Orbaic Utilizes Your Information:
  • a. User Authentication:

    Personal information is used to create and authenticate your account on the Orbaic platform.

  • b. Transaction Processing:

    We use transaction data to facilitate and process transactions on the Orbaic blockchain.

  • c. Improving User Experience:

    Usage data and analytics help us enhance our services, address technical issues, and tailor the platform to user preferences.

  • d. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

    We may use your information to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, including identity verification and fraud prevention.

Information Sharing and Disclosure:
  • a. Third-Party Service Providers:

    We may engage third-party service providers for various purposes, including hosting, security, and analytics. These providers are bound by confidentiality agreements and are required to follow privacy practices consistent with this policy.

  • b. Legal Compliance:

    We may disclose your information in response to legal requests or as required by law.

Security Measures:
  • a. End-to-End Encryption:

    Orbaic employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data remains confidential throughout its entire journey—from the user's device to our servers and vice versa. This means that even if intercepted, the data is indecipherable without the proper encryption keys.

  • b. Access Controls:

    Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized personnel only.

  • c. Advanced Encryption Standards (AES):

    Orbaic utilizes Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) to safeguard your data. AES is a widely recognized and robust encryption algorithm that provides a high level of security against potential threats.

  • d. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology:

    Our platform uses SSL technology to establish a secure connection between your device and our servers. SSL encrypts the data transmitted over the internet, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the integrity of the information.

  • e. Data at Rest Encryption:

    Data stored on our servers is encrypted even when not actively in transit. This additional layer of security protects your information from unauthorized access in case of physical server compromise.

  • f. Zero-Knowledge Architecture:

    Orbaic follows a zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that only you, the user, have access to the cryptographic keys necessary to decrypt your data. This ensures that even Orbaic itself cannot access your sensitive information.

Your Choices:
  • a. Review and Update Account Information:

    You have the option to review and update your account information through the Orbaic platform. Keeping your information current ensures the accuracy of your account details.

  • b. Opt-out of Certain Communications:

    You can choose to opt out of specific communications, such as newsletters, promotional emails, or other non-essential notifications. This allows you to tailor the type and frequency of messages you receive.

  • c. Adjust Notification Settings:

    Customize your notification preferences to control the frequency and types of alerts you receive. This empowers you to stay informed while managing the volume of communications based on your preferences.

  • d. Data Export:

    You have the option to request and export a copy of your data held by Orbaic. This ensures transparency and gives you control over your personal information.

  • e. Account Deactivation:

    If you wish to temporarily suspend your account without permanently deleting it, you can deactivate your account through the Orbaic platform. This allows you to take a break while preserving your account data for future use.

  • f. Account Deletion Request:

    Should you decide to permanently delete your account, you can submit a request for account deletion through the designated channel on the Orbaic platform. Upon receiving your request, Orbaic will initiate the account deletion process.

  • g. Deletion Timeframe:

    Orbaic retains minimal necessary data for legal and regulatory compliance purposes even after account deletion. However, this retained data is not used for any other purposes and is subject to the same privacy and security measures as active accounts.

  • h. Limited Data Retention:

    Upon receiving a valid account deletion request, Orbaic will initiate the deletion process, which will be completed within 7 working days. During this period, your account will be inaccessible, and your data will be securely removed from our active systems.

  • i. Reactivation Option:

    Orbaic does not provide a reactivation option once an account has been permanently deleted. Once the deletion process is completed within 7 working days, the account, along with its associated data, is irreversibly removed from our systems. If you wish to resume using the Orbaic platform after an account deletion, you will need to create a new account.

Updates to Privacy Policy:
  • a. Notification:

    Notification of Privacy Policy updates will be delivered through various communication channels, including but not limited to email, in-app notifications, and announcements on the Orbaic platform. This multi-channel approach ensures that users are informed through channels they frequently engage with.

  • b. User Acknowledgment:

    Users may be required to acknowledge and accept the updated Privacy Policy before continuing to use the Orbaic platform. This ensures that users are aware of and agree to the latest terms and conditions governing their privacy and data usage.

  • c. Compliance with Applicable Laws:

    Privacy Policy updates will comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations. We are committed to ensuring that our policies align with legal requirements and industry standards.

Contact Information:
By using the Orbaic platform, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the platform constitutes your acceptance of any updates or modifications to this policy. Orbaic reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, and such changes will be effective immediately upon posting.

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