Orbaic's Single-Layer Blockchain:
-Orbaic's single-layer blockchain, the foundation of the ecosystem, guarantees streamlined transactions. Utilizing proof-of-stake for efficient consensus, it bypasses energy-intensive proof-of-work systems.

ACI in the Orbaic Ecosystem:
-As ACI functions as a layer within the Orbaic crypto ecosystem, it seamlessly integrates with the single-layer blockchain, enhancing transaction efficiency and overall ecosystem functionality.

-Explore our time-limited mobile mining system for ACI tokens, offering instant rewards for referrals, a 10% boost for active members, and opportunities to earn SHIB through quizzes and active mining. The app is now available for download on the Play Store.

-Orbaic will leverage its Layer 1 blockchain ecosystem, as indicated by the MainNet's official launch, featuring transparent communication, rigorous testing, and detailed deployment information outlined in our whitepaper.

-Orbaic's (ACI) token, operating under a restricted issuance model, currently maintains an undisclosed total supply. The unveiling of the total supply and circulation details is scheduled for the official mainnet launch during Phase 3.

As our ecosystem undergoes development, we are currently in the process of determining the pricing details, which will be disclosed during the Phase 3 mainnet launch.

-Our listing strategy emphasizes meticulous consideration of factors such as liquidity, user base, and regulatory compliance, ensuring transparency in our communication with the community about our listing plans.

-Enjoy the benefit of zero transfer fees under Orbaic, though users may encounter minimal gas fees, mirroring common practices in other Layer 1 blockchains.

-Currently, we haven't established partnerships with any company. However, we plan to collaborate with the real estate industry and other blockchain entities in the future.

-Yes, there is a lock-up system for mining ACI tokens. Users have the option to lock up, and those who choose to do so will receive additional rewards, providing an opportunity for extra income.

-A Web3 wallet is a sophisticated digital wallet designed for the decentralized web. It empowers users with secure control over cryptographic keys, facilitating seamless interactions with decentralized applications (DApps) and blockchain ecosystems. This advanced wallet ensures privacy, security, and autonomy in the rapidly evolving landscape of web3 technologies.

-Interoperable blockchain networks refer to the seamless connectivity and collaboration between different blockchain platforms, enabling efficient and secure exchange of data and assets across diverse decentralized ecosystems.

-The NFT launch is imminent, allowing users to seamlessly exchange ACI tokens for NFTs in Orbaic's ecosystem, providing flexibility, withdrawal options, and user autonomy.

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